Emotional Logic Centre

The Emotional Logic Centre (empowering people everywhere to harness their unpleasant emotions during times of change or hurt, and turn them to constructive, useful purposes) initially requested help to analyse workload, purposes, staffing and finance for a schools project development programme towards production a sales and support plan, sales force training, whole package(s) costing and a ‘further recommendations’ report alongside implementation.

What started as a 3-month part-time engagement evolved into over a year's expanded contribution covering areas such as:

  • full organisation audit/reporting with prioritised list of potential actions for positive change

  • working closely with founder and trustees to strategically focus operations for sustainable business model relationships, products and services (within a highly flexible working environment)

  • market analysis and segments definition

  • redefining structure, mission and vision, roles and responsibilities, and effective communication

  • implementation of simple project management/reporting systems

  • definition of product list/specifications, introducing means of costing products/services effectively

  • critically reviewing changes through to completion, including introduction of quality review cycles for new and incremental product development

  • introduction of library and collaborative editing systems for improved sharing and productivity

  • definition of policies for compliance (team handbook/inductions, complaints, privacy, non-disclosure/MoU, terms & conditions, licences, cost codes, sales tracking, timesheets, etc)

  • recruitment and induction of Strategic Partners and Business Associates into new instigated legal agreements

  • establishing datastore of responses for grant application funding activities, submitting grant applications and critically analysing projects/funds alignment

  • support for training events for the teaching faculty and for the general public

  • support and coaching of other staff and activities as required; including Belbin team audit and providing oversight/support for South African department head developments



Contact Rich on 07920 051541

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