Ataloss (the UK's 'one stop shop' website for signposting the bereaved to support) required a way to manage their growing list of contacts across an expanding team.

Rich Soundings collaboratively defined a bespoke data definition and implementation in a popular web-based CRM solution.   Initial technical support and troubleshooting, configuration and test/actual data improvement cycles were completed, and an introductory user manual was provided to assist team members to embrace the new system.

Emotional Logic Centre

The Emotional Logic Centre (empowering people everywhere to harness their unpleasant emotions during times of change or hurt, and turn them to constructive, useful purposes) initially requested help to analyse workload, purposes, staffing and finance for a schools project development programme towards production a sales and support plan, sales force training, whole package(s) costing and a ‘further recommendations’ report alongside implementation.

What started as a 3-month part-time engagement evolved into over a year's expanded contribution covering areas such as:

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Brunel Manor

Brunel Manor (Christian Holiday and Conference Centre) requested an “Ideas Day” to generate God-focussed creative ideas for change, from all participants, to sustain and grow revenues and development over 10 years.  Rich Soundings designed and facilitated a day programme of non-competitive ‘creative thinking’ activities, suitable for a wide demographic of participants, that would also promote fun and team-building.  A detailed report capturing all ideas and findings from the day was provided.

Heatree Activity Centre

Heatree Activity Centre originally engaged services for general administration and reception duties.  Within an extended contract, Rich delivered a range of special projects including pricing investigation concluding with new sustainable strategy deployed, business workflow examination and timing triggers, competitive analysis with recommendations for terms and conditions changes, volunteer engagement system definition, consolidation of diverse data sources for easy-access sales staff and client information, and friends’ network framework definition.



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