ALWAYS willing to apply existing highly transferable and adaptable skills towards new challenges ...

Systems and business analysis, and solutions generation/deployment

  • Organisational audit, evaluating all aspects including structure, mission/vision, roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures, workflow and timing triggers, with report of prioritised list of potential actions for positive change
  • Products and services specifications definition, with sustainable costing/pricing strategies alongside market and systems research, and competitive analyses
  • Process, procedure and (management and systems) tools quality improvement initiatives, including team handbook/inductions, complaints, privacy, non-disclosure/MoU, Ts&Cs, licences, cost codes, sales tracking, time recording, etc for improved effectiveness and efficiency

Management and mentoring services

  • Impartial and honest sounding-board for issue clarification, helping to “bring some order to the chaos”
  • Team and project leadership, including change management and change management supervision
  • Collaborative support, mentoring and coaching for individuals and small groups, including Emotional Logic mentoring (personal learning appointments) and overview training
  • Detailed critical review of organisation products and outputs

Events and other services

  • Team-building/business-future-exploration day and follow-up summary reporting
  • General event management, and support for training events
  • Grant applications and critical analysis for projects/funds alignment
  • General administration services


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